Comic 32 - CH2 Strip 5: Back to the Bakery

Posted on 2nd May 2014, 12:29 PM in Races
CH2 Strip 5: Back to the Bakery
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Author Notes:

Nic_Yuishizu 2nd May 2014, 12:29 PM edit delete
SO SORRY FOR THE LATENESS! As you can see we have been falling quite behind then on the day of the release I had dinner out with my family due to one of my relatives going back to the Philippines. After so, I was tired and my sister decided to watch Harry Potter (4th movie - my fave out of all HPs) and I joined her of which I announced in twitter. The next day we had an early webcomic meeting to fix our schedule and decide on what will be in the next strips (we are getting to the good part in the story I promise). After the meeting I had to go out with a friend because I promised him before and it has been a while since we hanged (LF had work and Lily had to do chores and get ready for her finals). Then that night I started working on the strip but then Photoshop froze on me and I lost all my 2 hours of work T___T (save every 5-10mins if you can!)! So I was sad about that but then I tried to find temporary solution where I don't need to repeat inking the avatars >_< (cause we're late as is) - I found one and here you go is strip 5!

The avatars on top of the page will be switched once it has been inked and shaded (sorry for the temp fix).

I believe we 3 need a breather due to it being finals period and getting ready for next sem. All the buzzing there it's sometimes hard to keep up. We will get strip 6 to you as soon as possible (won't be on the 10th definitely but I will update you when). Don't worry we are hard at work catching up and getting back the 2 strip buffer we had.

Thank you all for your patience and for being oh so great fans/readers!


Edited by author: Nic Wryte
Lineart by: Lillian
Inking, polishing, and embellishing by: Leiseflustern
Avatars by: Yuishizu