Comic 35 - Teens of Valour Ch1 Strip 1

Posted on 29th May 2014, 8:40 PM in Special Feature: Teens of Valor
Teens of Valour Ch1 Strip 1
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Author Notes:

Nic_Yuishizu 29th May 2014, 8:40 PM edit delete
honestly there is a lot going on with NYLL right now primarily with the artists, LF and Lily.

The problem is: LF is moving this summer and while this was suppose to happen still in July the preparations for it are needing to happen now. LF has been scrambling packing and storing and cleaning on top of her regular part time job and on top of working on the webcomic.
Lily, on the other hand is now in Taiwan visiting her relatives and will be there till August.

SO WHAT NOW IS GONNA HAPPEN? Well since both artists are going to be busy and hard to reach cause of them having to move around a lot, "Age Of Chaos: Depths of the Past" webcomic is going to have to go on a 3 month hiatus(June,July, August) and will be coming back in fall(September). It was not planned and this is sudden but we gotta do what we have to do. WHILE THAT IS GOING ON THOUGH WE WON'T LEAVE YOU HANGING SO...we are featuring Lily's webcomic called "Teens of Valor"! This is strip 1 and we hope it will
entertain you while "Age of Chaos: Depths of the Past" will be gone. There are about 15 pages which will be posted up once a week(every thursday) starting today which should cover the hiatus period length. Nic will also randomly post up special "Age Of Chaos: Depths of the Past" art that will show you that we are still hard at work during the hiatus period.

NYLL is very sorry but this was totally unforeseen and life sucks like that >_< We are still accepting guest strips which will still go up at some point when life kicks us in the face again and submitters will still get some free AOC webcomic art plus website promotion so if you want please do so submit. There is no deadline anymore on the guest strips submission so just whenever you can <3

We are very sorry that all of this had to happen! T____T THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH AWESOME FANS and please bear with us through this hard period.